Mary Ann Matta


Mary Ann Matta, RN, MS, LLP,CADC
Substance Abuse Counselor

Upon returning to school in to obtain an Associates Degree in Social Work/Mental Health from from Oakland Community College in 1998, Mary Ann completed her required two-year internship at RCI and was offered a contractual position. Since that time, she has obtained international certification in addiction counseling and continued to gain experience working in the field of substance abuse/chemical dependence and co-morbid disorders. Her expertise lies in issues related to health, 12-step recovery, women and family and relapse prevention. In addition to carrying a full case load, Mary Ann facilitates both Mixed Recovery and Women’s Specialty Groups and Drivers License Appeal Division Assessments.

Mary Ann completed requirements to earn a Bachelors of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Madonna University in 2008 and is currently a graduate student in Madonna’s Clinical Psychology Program. Her background is nursing, graduating from Providence Hospital’s program and passing her boards in 1974.

Mary Ann also conducts pre-sentence interviews for the 48th District Court in Bloomfield Hills.

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