Greg Hills

greg_optGreg Hills, RSST, CADC, CCS
Assistant Program Director
Clinical Supervisor

Along with a lifelong love affair with drumming, Greg has always been interested in psychological and spiritual things. Greg is mystified by how our personalities work, how and why we change and become well. Even during his drug and alcohol using days, he never completely lost interest in those things. When her finally became clean and sober at age 33, (with the help of understanding friends), he felt naturally attracted to a career in counseling. Greg Hills has worked at Recovery Consultants for sixteen years as a counselor, and a portion of this time as a trainer and supervisor for the counseling staff. Greg says “it has been one of the joys of my life to watch our clients become whole and well, and to see new counselors learn to perform this very fulfilling art”.

At age 54, he claims he feels like one of the luckiest people he knows. “I was granted a transformation into a new life free of addiction”. Greg is married 11 years and lives in Ferndale with his wife and dog. And, of yeah, still get to “Rock-Out” with his buddies in various musical projects. “Life is Good”.

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